Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look at That! (Round 1)

Today, I had my Mom pick Mia up from my house and once I got off of work I headed over to her house to do some training with Mia.

For the "Look at that" exercise we needed to start with a dog that she likes. I enlisted the help of my Mom and her terrier-mix Emma. Mia and I positioned ourselves in the doorway to the bathroom. There is another doorway (to my old room) directly across from the bathroom. I had my Mom walk into and out of sight. Every time they were about to come into sight I cued Mia with "Look!" and a point and clicked as soon as she looked at Emma. We did two sets of about 20 trials and Mia seemed to be getting the idea of the whole thing. At the end, I took Emma for a 15 minute walk as a thank you for being such a good sport!

Oh yeah...by the way. Meet Mia's new auntie (my Mom's new puppy, Pipi):

"I iz a cute Crestie mix with one ear up and one down."

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