Sunday, June 28, 2009

Agility Class: June 28, 2009

Today we did a lot of straight line work. Mia was really stressed out because there was a new dog in our class doing a make-up (an Aussie named Blitz). She had a total meltdown - something we haven't seen her do in quite a while. I got a barrier set up so she couldn't see him and got her to settle down on her mat. Blitz was very fast and because of that he was loud when he did the weave poles, teeter, and a-frame. The noise was really stressing her out so I started dropping treats right before he got to any of the noisy things. It seemed to help but she was still stressed. I had to up her rate of reinforcement during the sequences but she was still disengaging from me and sniffing and doing stress shakes. At least Blitz's Mom didn't mind. He has trouble with all of the distractions during trials so class with Mia was good practice!!

Mia completely crashed when we got home. She's usually pretty tired after agility but tonight she was exhausted (I'm looking forward to this effect once we get Lily in her obedience class).

That's all for now. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of Mia at agility but here's a picture of the girls together that I took last night:


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