Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Agility Class: June 8, 2009

In agility yesterday we did some verrrry long sequences (i.e. I, the human, was very out of breath) and I was very pleasantly surprised with how well Mia did. She was a little iffy at first because one of our trainer's Border Collies, Mac, was crated in a corner of the building. It didn't take her long to get over that though (I think he ended up going to sleep).

We both also mastered the art of the rear cross. I have an especially hard time getting all the footwork down and usually have to have them demonstrated before I can do them correctly but I think I understand now, lol. Have dog go on and cross behind the dog...it sounds simple but IT'S NOT.

Mia did the a-frame again but that was with a lot of help from our trainer...Mia was a little reluctant.

I brought her bed again but also brought Mia's new mat just in case. I'm glad I brought it because as soon as Mia got settled into her bed she did not want to get out of it again! So I will just be bringing her mat to class now!

Mia watching Ritzy from her mat.

On a lighter note, I snapped an amusing picture of Mia's brother's cuddling on her fluffy pink mat the other night.

Noche and E-Man being bashful.

This Sunday will be our one year anniversary of taking agility classes! We have come such a long way!

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  1. LOL @ the cats! Glad to see Mia's doing well in agility :) Take some more videos!