Thursday, May 7, 2009

20 Ways (and Counting) to Lay Comfortably on a Bessie and Barnie Bed

I do not know what it is about these beds but I swear they must be made out of rainbows or something. Mia would rather sleep in hers than about anywhere else in the world which, unfortunately, means less cuddle time for me!

So, 20 ways (and counting) to lay comfortably on a Bessie and Barnie bed:

While Barking the Vote

On top of a blanket.

On your back with a blanket pillow.

Stretched out to the side with the toy basket as a pillow.

Curled up in a little ball on a blanket.

On your back with your arms and legs up.

With your head falling out of the bed.

Next to Christmas garland and an extension cord.

On your back looking sassy.

With a foot outstretched.

With both feet outstretched.

Curled up in a ball on your back (better known as the
upside down Chi donut)

All dressed up ready for a party.

On your back all dressed up.

Alert with both arms outstretched,

On your side completely zonked out.

On your back with your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

Completely falling out of the bed, using the floor as a pillow.

With your tongue sticking out.

On your side completely exhausted from agility.

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  1. oh my dog. Mia is just too cute! I can't wait to get Winnie one of her own :)