Friday, May 8, 2009

Boring Friday.

Mia here...Mom is busy studying for finals. This week has been spectacularly...boring. Mom and Dad have had a bunch of finals and they haven't had a whole lot of time to pay attention to me. No walks...not much play time. At least I still got to go to agility. Agility is always so much fun!

Mom is going to go buy little play cones from the store in the sporting goods section tomorrow and a camera tripod so that she can video tape me learning to go around them.
She also has plans to teach me to yawn on cue. It's pretty easy to make me yawn...all you have to do is rub my back. It's actually a little embarrassing but hey, it feels really good.

I'm going to go snuggle in my bed now and take a nap as I see tonight isn't going to be much unlike the rest of the week. Mom and Dad even went out to dinner and didn't take me. Humph.

Smiley Girl in Galveston

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