Sunday, May 3, 2009

Agility: May 3, 2009

Tonight in agility our focus was working on getting the dogs "out," away from us.

Our trainer started us off by giving each of us a cone (or in Mia's case a little bucket because we ran out of cones!) and having us lure our dog around the cone and then click and treat:

Once they mastered that we added in a jump:

After the mastered one jump and around the cone we added the next jump:

Once they had mastered the two jumps we added in a front cross so that they ended up on our right side:

Eventually at the end of class we had progressed to this:

Each week I become even more amazed at what Mia is capable of. She is highly motivated by me running with her. She started to shut down a little and get the "dazed" look that she used to all the time when we first started agility when we were working on things where I wasn't running with her today. As soon as we progressed to some of the later steps where I running with her again she lit up and started running like a crazy lady. She could really care less about treats as long as I'm running with her.

Hopefully next week we'll work some more on the A-frame and teeter! Now that she's conquered the A-frame (well, at least twice on leash) the last fear we need to get her over is the teeter. We've even made considerable progress with that in the last few weeks.

I am also looking forward to starting her behavioral privates in a few weeks to work on her reactiveness around other dogs/cats. My long-term goal is to get her therapy dog certified so we can visit nursing homes.

That's all for now. Mia has officially crashed in her bed:

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